fusionSpan Holiday Party 2015

At fusionSpan, 2015 was an exciting year with a lot of growth, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have time to take a break and celebrate the year. We took an afternoon to have ourselves a little celebration before the holidays. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year – here’s to a great 2016!

By Justin Burniske | January 5, 2016
PODCAST: Associations implementing lean startup methodology

This week I got to sit down with Elizabeth Weaver Engel (@ewengel), CEO and Chief Strategist at Spark Consulting, and Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate (@GuillermoOZ), Director, Information Systems, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, to discuss their recent white paper, “Innovate the Lean Way: Applying Lean Startup Methodology in the Association Environment.” The white paper is free to download, so check it out. We discussed what lean startup methodology is, why it’s a great fit for small staff associations, and…

By Justin Burniske | November 17, 2015
Win7 to Win10 Upgrade Breaks Office 2013/365

After having gone through several Win7/8 to Win10 upgrades, we found an anomaly. Users running Windows 7 and Office 2013/365 may face significant problems with their Office Suite after upgrading to Windows 10. This complication seems limited specifically to Windows 7 and Office 2013/365, and does not appear to affect upgrades to Windows 10 from any other version of Windows/Office. If you fall into this category of upgraders, I recommend one of two paths forward:…

By Ojus Wagh | September 28, 2015
Associations and Windows 10: Say “NO” to These 2 Microsoft Updates

Yesterday was the official release date of Microsoft’s newest operating system: Windows 10. It’s fast, has a ton of a new features, and makes excellent use of hardware resources. I’ve been messing with this newest addition in a lab environment over the past month or so and absolutely love it. That being said: It’s not for everyone. Microsoft is pushing your staff to download and install it automatically through Automatic Update prompts, which will cause…

By Ojus Wagh | July 30, 2015
speech bubble illustration of information technology acronym abbreviation term definition API Application Programming Interface
PREZI: What is an API and why should I care?

API: Application Programming Interface. A vague phrase that offers little insight if you’re not a computer science major, yet if you’ve spent any time around system vendors or website developers they’ve likely thrown the acronym around as if its taught in the third grade of every classroom in America. Fear not, we’ve created a Prezi (a free, online presentation tool) to help illustrate what API does and why it matters to your association members, staff and…

By Justin Burniske | July 23, 2015
Connecting with Users

I recently had the opportunity to present at AUDC in Austin, TX during their Ignite session. The Ignite session requires individuals to present 20 slides, each slide appearing for only 15 seconds, resulting in a five minute presentation. Given the speed of the slides, presenters were encouraged to use more pictures and fewer words so I used my favorite subject – photos of my 22-month-old son – to illustrate how to best connect with your users.

By Justin Burniske | March 12, 2015
How to Write A Press Release

In February of last year our good friend Alexi Turbow began a 3 part blog post series entitled “Why The Press Release?“. We know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment, so here it goes! There are many great step-by-step articles out there on press releases, but they don’t really help with understanding how to craft content in order for your release to actually get picked up…

By Sheree Santantonio | January 30, 2015
Dear Betty: How do we know what to include for FREE in memberships?

Dear Betty: Should everything we offer (webinars, events, discount cards, publications, etc.) be included with membership? Or should members have to pay an additional fee for some of our programs, products, and services? Should everything also be available for a fee to non-members? Or should some stuff not be offered to non-members at all? How do we know who should pay what for what?   Gentle Reader: The answer is yes.

By Dear Betty | April 14, 2014
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