netFORUM Enterprise Plugins

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NetForum Enterprise Plugins

Developed by the former Senior Architect of NetForum, these plugins are designed to bring new functionality to any NetForum entity. After completing a quick install process, each plugin will add a new feature set to your system requiring only basic Toolkit knowledge to implement. Best part, each is FREE to any association or nonprofit. So download one, or download all. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as well – that way you can get notified about new plugins we release in the future.

Impersonate Plugin

Allows staff to quickly login as any customer in eWeb via a profile link in iWeb. Great for troubleshooting and testing anything that comes up.

Captcha Plugin

Add an additional level of security to the account creation process to disrupt any potential bot attack.

Type Ahead Plugin

Take any free form text field and make it easy for customers to just start typing and pick from existing options, reducing duplicate or bad data in NetForum .

Open Dialogue Plugin

Take any eWeb form and insert it into a dialogue on another site, helping ensure NetForum can remain your system of record.

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