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netFORUM CMS Integrations

For organizations that want to use WordPress or Drupal as their Content Management System (CMS), for their public facing websites and netForum as their Association Management System (AMS), we offer a set of netFORUM Integrations that make it almost seamless for your users to work with the CMS and netForum AMS, such that it seems like a single User Interface.

Available Integrations

Single Sign-On

Allows users with netFORUM profiles to sign in into your website using their netFORUM username and password. This provides basic SSO functionality and will create new users in the CMS if they don’t exist. In addition, this also sets certain user attributes using the netFORUM SSO Tokens, that will let you create cross-site hyperlinks, allowing users to seamlessly move between the WordPress CMS and netFORUM eWeb site. Users can also reset their netFORUM passwords from within the CMS.


Member group Management

This module will automatically add users with an active membership in netFORUM, to a member only role in WordPress/Drupal. This allows you to restrict certain content to members that have a active membership.


Profile Sync

In our Profile Sync module, the entire user profile is pulled in from netFORUM Pro and synched with the CMS user profile. Any changes to the local user profile in CMS is synched back to netFORUM Pro using the xWeb API. Provides dynamic field mapping between WordPress/Drupal and netFORUM.


Member Directory

Take a look at our highly customizable Member Directory that can pull members (Individuals or Organizations) from netFORUM and remain in-sync with the netForum backend. The directory is highly customizable, can be optionally secured on the front end, and is designed so that its fully responsive.

Download our free Single Sign-On Plug-in from WordPress.org


The plugin did exactly what was needed. The login form checked the user against the netFORUM Pro Database and created an ssoToken for use. I also was able to contact the developer to receive the Security Groups plugin which handles additional security (Like adding members to groups for additional sections of the wordpress site).

Chris (From Wordpress.org)

fusionSpan patiently walking us through building The Electrochemical Society’s website from scratch. They created an easy to use, logical CMS for us in WordPress. The netForum integration with our new WordPress site was seamless.

Rob Gerth
Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement, The Electrochemical Society

fusionSpan listened to our needs and responded with excellent ideas and best practices. Beyond that, they knew our business and they shared their experiences, suggesting dozens of ideas, innovations, and processes that we had not even considered.


Rob Gerth
Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement, The Electrochemical Society

fusionSpan was hired to be our Avectra expert. They exceeded expectations and have time-after-time provided superior results. I highly recommend fusionSpan!

Rachael Hodgen
Director of Events, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Case Study

The member directory is very flexible, highly configurable and can be extended to suit your organization needs. The data stored in this plugin can be set to sync at set intervals with that on netFORUM, and therefore can be kept updated with the netFORUM data.

One client – The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) requested that the Drupal version of the plugin be extended to display google maps data. The maps data pulls from the same datasource as the member directory table view. So the data in the maps updates at the same time as the table updates.

The images to the right show different configurations for the map, for example a map that shows individuals who have a specific designation and centered on the Unites States or member organizations in the UK. The images also show different configurations for tables such as a scrollable table vs one that uses pagination, one that groups members by countries vs one that groups U.S. members by states. There are just a few of the many ways to configure these displays.