Managed Services

We can help operate your Salesforce infrastructure strategically & more efficiently.

Managed Services

A brand new system takes some getting used to. There are initial training issues and some staff members may be seeing the system for the first time or used to doing things with an older system. We are always here to guide them through the adoption.
While the vendor is available for technical issues, our team can act as the first line of defense for any business process issues.

Additionally, your staff will have full access to the fusionSpan Support portal

Managed Services

Typical services provided as part of Salesforce Managed Services

Strategic Planning

fusionSpan will document and establish your Salesforce implementation direction—by assessing both where you are and where you’re going. We will record long-term goals and the action plans you’ll use to reach them.

Salesforce Optimization

We work with your team to ensure that you leverage all Salesforce functionality. We will identify areas for process improvement, update page layouts to increase adoption/ease of use.

Lightning Migration

fusionSpan will map out workflows, discuss and prioritize potential integrations. We’ll help you gain access to new features, functionality, and a streamlined user interface.

Integration Updates

From productivity to marketing to collaboration and beyond, we’ll ensure the updates are completed to keep your Salesforce connected to the other tools that you need to run your organization.

Quarterly Reviews

We’ll schedule a review of your previous three months, evaluate your goal progress, and create a concrete plan of attack to finish each goal.

Reports & Dashboards

We’ll use Salesforce’s powerful suite of reporting tools and work together to help you understand and act on your data.

Salesforce User and Admin Training

We’ll provide your team with help around how to better leverage your platforms and take their skills to the next level. We can also provide the expertise staff needs when they hit a roadblock and don’t know where to turn.

HoursTypical Term
2506 months
50012 months
100012 months

Flexible Service Units

Work with a dedicated Salesforce Analyst to craft the strategy-based goals of your account and ensure that the “use or lose” hours are fully consumed.

fusionSpan Managed Services

Key Team Members

Matthew Addy
Manager, Engineering

Matt joined fusionSpan in late 2020 and brings six years of experience implementing Salesforce for associations and holds several Salesforce certifications.

Tracy Utterback
Managed Services Manager

Tracy serves as fusionSpan’s Managed Services Manager, and comes with over 15 years experience working in the Salesforce ecosystem, including and environments.

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