Salesforce Managed Services

Flexible & Efficient Support for Salesforce, Fonteva, and Nimble AMS

Now that you’ve implemented Salesforce, Fonteva, or NimbleAMS, how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment?  

  • Your implementation requires maintenance.
  • Your users require support and training.
  • Your leadership requires strategic technology consulting.
  • Your data model will change as you implement new services.
  • Your integrations may break without attention and planning.
  • Your organizational needs will change and you will need to adapt your systems to keep pace.

Does your staff have the breadth of skills and bandwidth to address all of these issues without impacting their other obligations?   

Learn about fusionSpan’s capabilities and how we can help you get the most out of your investment.

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What is included?

Whatever you need to help ensure your implementation supports your business goals.

See below for some examples of services our valued clients leverage through our Managed Services.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Whether you’ve just launched or have been using Salesforce for some time, fusionSpan will help to guide your use of Salesforce to further your and your customers’ goals.  We will help translate your organizational plan into a technical reality, through Salesforce or other integrated solutions, as appropriate.  In all cases, we will document needs, create an action plan, and define metrics to ultimately judge success.

Salesforce Optimization

Salesforce Optimization

A base implementation is a great place to start, but often the initial implementation is limited in scope.  As your needs change, our consultants can implement new features.  We will work to ensure business processes work as required, validate that integrations are stable, and to maximize system and user efficiency.  We can monitor system performance over time, as well.

Lightning Migration

Upgrades & Support

fusionSpan is a Salesforce Impact Partner and has been providing Fonteva and Nimble AMS product and consulting support since 2014.  Our expert consultants can help you keep up to date, ensure data reliability and consistency, add functionality, manage integrations, and more.  We will help you ensure your technology supports your strategic plans and allows you to increase member value.

Integration Updates

Most of our clients have multiple systems integrated either directly with Salesforce or through an integration platform/data warehouse.  These integrations can be a major benefit to allow for better visibility across the organization and in ensuring a single source of truth.  From an end-user perspective, integrations can greatly improve the user experience.  However, it is important to maintain these integrations to ensure that service/system updates don’t break the integration entirely or impact the data model adversely.      

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly Reviews

With all of our Salesforce Managed Services customers, we schedule quarterly business reviews (QBRs) to assess the work done in the prior term and discuss short, mid, and long term goals.  While you have access to your client manager at any point, this scheduled event ensures that all involved parties have an opportunity to provide input, state desired enhancements, and otherwise make sure that everyone is aligned in the direction of the business and how technology will play a role.  

Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce has powerful reporting tools that can help you understand your business and guide your decision-making.  If you utilize other services for your meetings, e-commerce, LMS, or other areas, it is likely that that data can be brought into Salesforce for a more holistic view, without the need to run reports in different systems.  Salesforce dashboards are an excellent way to monitor critical business data at a glance and can even be used to generate visualizations for internal or external sharing.    

Salesforce User and Admin Training

Salesforce Training

Our team of trainers and consultants will ensure that your users have the expertise needed to be productive.  New hires can be brought up to speed quickly.  For admins and technical users, the training can extend beyond Salesforce into APIs & integrations or other subject areas, as needed.  All authorized users can also leverage our help desk capabilities at any point.

Hours Typical Term
250 6 months
500 12 months
1000 12 months

Flexible Service Units

fusionSpan offers multiple levels of service to ensure that your users, IT staff, and decision-makers have the right amount of available support.  All hours can be used for all items described on this page, and more. 

Reach out to us to discuss how we can craft the appropriate bundle to help keep your Salesforce investment running efficiently and ensure that you are able to grow your capabilities in a planned, affordable manner. 

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