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Bridging Gaps Through Technology


  • Connect with your members through the fast growing mobile platform.
  • Branded and customized for your organization
  • Pick your modules – Document Sharing, Directory, Notifications, Events & more
  • Monetize with targeted Advertisements




Intended for small staff organizations, this will not break the bank.


Managed Content

Control the content with real time updates. You decide what is displayed in the App.



Fully customizable and branded for your organization. You wanted an app for your members? Here it is!

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Send scheduled notifications directly to your members.

Document Sharing

Share documents that can be viewed on the mobile device. Control access to current members.

Access Control

Control access to certain sections of the app to logged in users only.

Member Directory

Display a directory of members with contact information. Control the content that is shared.


Publish news articles that are relevant to your members.


Display all your organizations events. Add to the mobile device calendar.

netFORUM Integration

  • Query and report development
  • Customer portal configuration
  • Standard operating procedure development
  • Website/Customer Portal integration assessment

Content Management

  • Manage your content through an administrative portal.
  • Update members, events, news items
  • Send notifications directly to the memberConnect App.


Yes, the App will be completely customized for your organization. You can choose the colors, look and feel, layout and which features you would like to include. This is all part of on-boarding and setup.

We have a nominal setup fee to create the initial App for your organization and publish it in the App store. You then pay a small monthly fee to maintain the backend services, the admin console and optionally the netForum synchronization.

We do all the heavy lifting , server maintenance and support. You don’t need any in-house IT expertise.

Please contact us and we will schedule a brief demo and Q&A with you and your staff.


2000 – # Of Members10000 – # Of Members
netFORUM IntegrationnetFORUM Integration
HigherLogic IntegrationHigherLogic Integration
5 – Notification Limit (Daily)Unlimited – Notification Limit (Daily)
20 – Shared DocumentsUnlimited – Shared Documents
5MB – Document Size Limit10MB – Document Size Limit
Ad ModuleAd Module
Email – SupportEmail & Phone – Support
Get ProGet Enterprise


memberConnect is completely customizable to your liking. We can change the look and feel, branding, name and features of each individual App.

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We will be happy to Demo the memberConnect mobile App for you. See how you can have it customized for your organization.

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