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Noel Shatananda

By Mahammad Ayaz |November 16, 2021

Noel comes with over 30 years of professional services and software development experience. Since 2004, he has led the delivery of technical solutions to associations and nonprofits. Noel is known to promote a culture of strategic solutions internally and externally. He provides executive leadership and ensures fusionSpan’s technologists deliver seamless service and client advocacy in strategic consulting, digital experience design, Salesforce & AMS Implementations, Salesforce Managed Services, Training, and Data & Integrations. In his words, “When we enable clients to be the best they can be, we succeed; it’s just the by-product of fully empowering passionate human beings.”

Noel recently took a sabbatical to celebrate three decades of service. He resides in Virginia with his wife, and enjoys nature walks and meditation.

Mahammad Ayaz

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