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Background & Goals

One of the oldest and most prestigious bar associations wanted to know, what does it take to be a global digital leader? A proven education and member services provider serving in 100+ markets did not prioritize digital capabilities.

As a result, the mindset, vision, and execution of member services varied widely across functions and regions of this association. Therefore, this organization sought out a partner to implement a new AMS to improve customer experience and staff efficiency across the entire organization.


The Legacy AMS that this association used was highly customized, and any system error could lead to a loss of time and money. Furthermore, the legacy platform would not force updates, leading users to fall more than one or two system releases behind. The bar association had pre-selected Fonteva as the desired AMS for its innovation, appealing user interface, and regular release schedule, but needed an implementation partner that not only understood their business but had a great deal of experience serving the association industry.

This association was looking for a new AMS vendor and implementation partner that would provide:

  • A universal look and feel across all organization tools (i.e., website, LMS)
  • Integrations with new and existing organizational tools such as Hubspot and WordPress
  • Ease of access for new and existing members to view and pay invoices and dues
  • A platform with more robust reporting metrics and membership data
  • Personalized training for the internal team


fusionSpan and the association worked together to conduct a full review of the Legacy AMS platform and processes, then complete a full discovery of a successful AMS implementation strategy. fusionSpan led the Fonteva implementation and system configuration to build a system that met the association’s needs.

Additionally, fusionConnect helped lead to integration between Fonteva, the Learning Management System (CE21), and their website hosting platform, WordPress.

Solution Highlights

  • fusionSpan used custom fusionConnect for seamless integrations
  • Unified look and feel for members across all platforms
  • Increased payment functionality and reporting for members and staff
  • A more accessible platform for staff to learn and manage internally


The association’s Fonteva implementation allowed them to deliver an improved member experience. The team can now provide a seamless experience between their AMS (Fonteva), Website (WordPress), and LMS (CE21).

Additionally, the AMS Fonteva has been much more staff-friendly and allows them to provide robust metrics and data regarding their internal team’s payments and invoices. Thanks to fusionSpan, the association has offered their members an improved UI/UX experience that seamlessly integrates with all platforms, all while providing secure platforms and excellent support!