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My Downloads

My Downloads allows customers to view/access their digital assets within the customer portal regardless of file type. Quickly configure download link labels, table display settings, and more. Access to digital assets can be protected by Badge status or Item settings.

Object Roster Views

Extend the ability to display any object’s data within the customer portal to allow customers to manage records (for example, to associate contacts with an organization). Dynamically generated tables work with any standard or custom object. Staff may define which fields are displayed, editable, and who can modify them. Additional use cases include: Employee Roster Management, CEU Tracking,... read more

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Files & Folders for Community Groups

Extend the functionality of your Community Groups to allow members to access or upload files within a specific folder, based on their Community Group permissions.

New User Registration

Simplify new user registration with domain matching or company lookup. Define rules around required fields, account creation, and account matching. Contains features including Banned Email Domains, reCAPTCHA, Enable Contact Email Match, and more.

Membership Power Pack

Streamline and tailor the dues renewal experience for your members in Fonteva. Configurable, granular controls allow you to set who can view invoices, renew, and pay online. Gives members control over Membership, Renewal Notice, and Terms & Conditions Community functionality.