Event Registration

Bridging Gaps Through Technology


Let us assist you or completely manage registration for your next event.

fusionSpan offers a comprehensive set of services including event registrations, custom reports, event website maintenance and on-site event support. Not only are our services superior and more cost effective than having in house staff, we can scale up as needed during the engagement.

Why Choose fusionSpan for Event Registration?

  • Setting up your registration website according to your association’s specifications
  • Writing documentation for event setup
  • Working with your attendees throughout the entire registration process
  • Creating custom queries to pull registration reports
  • Drafting FAQ pages for both internal use during registration and for website users
  • Troubleshooting any technical difficulties
  • Training staff and internal stakeholders


On Site

  • Provide on-site registration management. We can bring additional help for on-site registrations.
  • Assist and train staff on the on-site registration process.
  • Prepare attendee packages
  • On-site badge printing services.


  • Create invoices for purchase orders (PO) received for registrations.
  • Work with the accounting department to reconcile payments.
  • Follow-up with customers on delinquent payments.
  • Create/pull payment reports for accounting as necessary.


  • Create a new custom website for the event.
  • Edit and maintain website for the event, including content, images, and links.


  • Assist marketing department by creating necessary reports and attendee lists.
  • Export contacts from CRM, Event Management System etc and create a dupe free marketing list.
  • Import contacts into Marketing tool.

Event Management System

  • Data entry – process registration forms in Event Management System.
  • Ensure data integrity in Event Management System.
  • Synchronize data between Event Management System and the CRM.
  • Provide necessary reports for event registrations, cancellations, refunds etc.


  • Create registration form(s) based on customer requirements.
  • Test the registration process.
  • Answer emails and phone questions about registration for the event.
  • Create attendee registration reports on a predetermined schedule and at staff request.


Get started by having us manage your event or conference To-Do List. We will do it right and on time, so that you and your staff can focus on the more important tasks.

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At fusionSpan, Bridging Gaps Through Technology isn’t just a tagline – it describes what we believe our clients can accomplish with a little additional support.