Bridging Gaps Through Technology


Technology is constantly changing, and the rate of change is constantly increasing. It took 75 years for the telephone to hit 50 million users. It took Angry Bird Space 35 days. Given the rate of change it’s impossible for small staff associations to keep up. At fusionSpan, we look to provide you with the strategic IT solutions that give you peace of mind. Let us help you help your customers.

fusionSpan offers monthly IT support plans we design with you to meet your technology needs at a price that meets your financial constraints. Our expertise includes managed services, AMS support, website hosting and maintenance, and a whole slew of other IT knowledge.

IT Consulting Service at IT Support Price

When signing up for IT Support, we determine an approximate number of support hours you need based on the technology you want to focus on. Only need help managing your AMS? Not a problem. Want help running your entire IT department? We can do that. We believe this offers you four big advantages:


Did you have a particularly busy month? We understand that your technology needs ebb and flow, so if you go over your approximate hours every so often, that’s fine. That’s why the hours are approximate.This makes your budgeting process much easier since you know what we’ll be charging.


Managing multiple vendor is fun…said no one ever. fusionSpan provides you with a single source for all your IT needs. You won’t have to worry about ensuring 5 different vendors are all on top of everything. Instead, save yourself valuable time by just dealing with fusionSpan. With our on-line ticketing system, you can check in one place to see everything that is currently going on.


As part of your support plan, we’re more than happy to talk with you about your general IT requirements and help you think strategically about your next steps. You won’t get billed a crazy consulting rate. We believe that building a strong, long term partnership is more valuable to both parties than up-charging extra so we can make a quick buck.


Technology breaks, and if anyone tells you otherwise they may be trying to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. Save yourself the worry of having to pay someone extra for emergency service because we’ve got you covered.

Annual support (BEST DEAL!)

Want to make a long-term commitment to ensure consistent costs? Look at our annual plan.

Month-to-month support

Sign up for a monthly plan and adjust as you go along or till you figure out the right level of support needed!

As-needed support

Looking to dip your feet in to get a feel for the water? Feel free to sign up for an as-needed support plan.

Every association is different. Depending on what you need support with, we will adjust your plan to ensure you get the right amount of support for you.
Have specific questions? Feel free to email us!