Salesforce Einstein

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Salesforce Einstein

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Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a set of best-in-class platform services that bring advanced AI, Machine learning and Stunning Visuals into the Salesforce platform.

Einstein Analytics

Easily create datasets for your analytic needs: Einstein Analytics allows us to bring in multiple Salesforce Objects or upload datasets for their analytic needs within Salesforce. The app contains built-in ETL functions that allows for joining and cleaning of datasets from various sources.

Build dashboards to visualize your data:

Dashboards can be designed based on user preference and also includes robust geospatial features that allows for straightforward viewing of location data. Dashboards can be deployed and be pinned within any salesforce app for easy access and viewing.

Use Einstein Story Feature to find hidden relationships within your datasets:

Einstein Stories allows users to utilize AI to find relations between datasets. Patterns identified within Einstein Stories can be documented as a strategy guide and pinned as a displayable widget on Salesforce’s front end interface.

Utilize data science to predict membership outcome

Einstein’s prediction builder can be used to predict member behavior. This information can be leveraged to increase member engagement and retention. The Data Science model can be used to identify high value or at risk memberships, allowing for targeted engagement journeys.

Einstein Bots

  • 24/7 Customer service: Bots can instantly welcome members with a branded greeting in a chat window and direct them to online resources they need without human intervention.
  • Reduce customer wait time: Einstein bots can address your members concerns and questions while they wait for a live support agent. Information gathered during the bot session can be transferred swiftly to a live agent, ensuring a smooth transition between the Einstein bot and your live customer support.
  • Reduce customer support load: Your customer support can focus on more complex issues while the Einstein bot can tackle simple questions and transfer over the more difficult ones.
  • Unified look and feel: Customize the appearance of the chat window, color scheme, and all other visual aspects to match your associations styling.
  • Tailored customer service: Because the Einstein bot is connected to Salesforce CRM, it can understand who it’s talking to and build informative conversations and context. With Natural Language technologies, bots can learn how to respond to members.
  • Increase sales: Einstein bots can notify your members of upcoming events, expiring memberships, or products they may be interested in.

Key Team Members

Rose Palipalli
Manager, Consulting

Rose is a Solutions Architect for our Salesforce implementations. She has a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Computer Science. She has Admin, Advanced Admin, and Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Salesforce certifications and she is currently in the final semester of her Master’s in Project Management. She has been in the Nonprofit industry for 4 years and enjoys working with clients to understand their business and be part of their journey of adopting a new system. Her motto in life is “if you believe, you can achieve”.

Himali Shah
Manager, Consulting

Himali graduated from the University of South Carolina, with a B.A. in International Studies. Himali is a Salesforce veteran with over six years of experience working with associations and nonprofits. She has a passion for helping organizations use Salesforce as a tool to make their jobs easier and provide a better service to their members/customers. 

Jason Cookman
Director of Technology

Jason is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a double bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Accounting. He has been with fusionSpan since June 2014, where he has created apps on a variety of platforms and frameworks. He has years of experience developing on the Salesforce Platform in Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning.


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