Here at fusionSpan we have been looking for ways to contribute to the vibrant netFORUM Enterprise community. We have seen so many great ideas for functionality shared by different users, plus features request by our customers, that we’ve decided to release a series of netFORUM Enterprise Plugins that should make it easy for your team to install and leverage the functionality.

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Calls from customers complaining about eWeb issues can be challenging to troubleshoot. Is there an eWeb bug? Is there some configuration on the customer record causing issues? Or are they browsing on Alta Vista? You have to undertake a trial and error process to identify the true cause.

Enter the netFORUM Impersonate Plugin. The plugin allows you to “login” as the individual without having to reset their password or having the customer share their personal information. The plugin generates a one-time token that logs the staff member in as that user so they can browse around as that user and see exactly what they see. Check out our video to see the plugin in action!


  • RDP into the webserver with an account that has access to the database
  • Download the plug-in installer
  • Double-click the self-extracting downloaded file
  • Follow the Setup Wizard instructions (see video above)

**Note: Please run the installer on your test instance first. It’s just best practice. If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to email and we can help you out!



Extending netFORUM Enterprise ensures your business needs are met. Customizations can save staff time, improve customer experience, and benefit your organization in the long run. All customizations are built following best practice to make upgrading easier and keep you as close to baseline as possible.

Business Analysis

Have you been using your database for a while but don’t feel that you’re getting the most out of the system? We’ll help review your current system and processes to provide strategic feedback and ensure that you’re using it to its potential.


Moving to a new version of netFORUM takes effort – reviewing baseline, checking customizations, testing SOPs. While Abila will support the system, we can bring in our team to work with your staff during the testing process. Are there new features that allow you to move to baseline? Who is responsible for sign-off? How will you determine if you are ready to upgrade? We can ensure you are ready to move forward.

eWeb Development

Often overlooked, eWeb offers a great deal of functionality out of the box. We can take that baseline site, and mold it to match your organization, allowing you to leverage the functionality for which you are paying. Stuck on an old version? We can help upgrade to the new responsive eWeb, either restyling custom pages or updating the baseline pages.


Having to complete duplicate data entry in multiple systems? fusionSpan can integrate your database with your website, your eMarketing system or another tool using the system’s API. We’ve even built an app that gives you and your members access to member information right out of your database onto their mobile devices.


New to netFORUM? fusionSpan is an Abila implementation partner who can get you all set up on the system. We’ll analyze your business requirements and identify the best way to meet them in netFORUM. This can be particularly advantageous for associations also looking to update their CMS, as our team can also support that process, so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple vendors and can focus on a successful implementation.

Application Assessments

fusionSpan can help ensure that your implementation of netFORUM follows industry best practices to better secure your membership data. Proper system configuration, penetration testing, and static code analysis provides insights that allow your association to better understand your netFORUM Implementation’s attack surface, that fusionSpan can help remediate.

System Performance

Could your implementation of netFORUM use a little performance boost? fusionSpan can help by A) tuning netFORUM’s configuration, B) implementing techniques that are known to improve performance, and C) monitoring and analyzing your servers and applications to identify bottlenecks that can be later addressed and deployed.


Hans Stechl, Enterprise Architect

Hans was one of the leading architects of netFORUM Enterprise. He brings over 16 years of experience working on the product, and is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the software. Having recently left Abila, the opportunity to engage directly with associations has him excited about working with fusionSpan.
He is a BSIS Summa Cum Laude graduate of Strayer University. If Hans ever challenges you to a ping-pong match, decline – he lead his high school team to second in state. Now you’re more likely to find him on the sideline cheering on one of his three kids who are all very active athletes!