CRM Consulting

At fusionSpan, we have the system expertise and the business know-how to help you move forward.

Getting the most out of your customer database isn’t a matter of just having a database. Most of the value comes from understanding how to leverage the system to meet your strategic goals. Unfortunately, most associations and non-profits don’t have the staff hours available to learn all the systems functionality, weigh all the options, and identify the most strategic path forward. At fusionSpan, we have the system expertise and the business know-how to help you move forward.

  • Query and report development
  • Customer portal configuration
  • Standard operating procedure development
  • Website/customer portal integration assessment

  • Complete system discovery and recommendations
  • Database selection
  • Data quality review and clean-up
  • Membership process analysis


Consulting services range in scope from 20 hours to 200+ hour engagements, depending on the depth and breadth of the engagement. Because every organization has different needs, we tailor the engagements to your organizations priorities. Engagement types include:

Project based

If you have specific items you want addressed, we can structure our engagements to address each item one at a time, giving you price quotes for each individual project.

System analysis

If you want to look at everything all at once, we can assist in a complete analysis of your system.

Ongoing support

Uncertain of what you need? We are happy to work with you on an open-ended engagement.


Most AMS vendors offer implementation services for their products. While AMS vendors know their product really well, they don’t know a lot about your organization, including details of how it functions, your business processes, staffing levels and experience etc. They often rely on someone from your staff to guide them through the process.

So while Vendor implemented systems work out well for certain organization, most other organizations need a little extra. We call this our Concierge AMS Implementation – what this includes are the following:

  • Business process discovery where we document the current business processes
  • Detailed technical requirements that we hand over to the AMS vendor
  • Complete start to finish project management of the implementation
  • Post implementation user acceptance testing. Work with Vendor to fix any issues
  • System documentation that is customized to your organization’s business process and use cases
  • Staff training that is customized to their day to day tasks

At fusionSpan, Bridging Gaps Through Technology isn’t just a tagline – it describes what we believe our clients can accomplish with a little additional support.