Bridging Gaps Through Technology

AMS Implementation: Why a Business Process Discovery is Essential BEFORE Making a Move

One of the biggest challenges with association management system (AMS) implementations is that organizations often confuse processes in their old system with their business requirements. When this happens, organizations request customizations to make the new system function like the old system. Wasn’t the original goal of selecting and implementing a new AMS to improve—not maintain—your business processes?

By Justin Burniske | November 02, 2018Read More

Ready to Transition Your Salesforce Org to Lightning Experience? Here Are 3 Things to Keep in Mind

The transition of your Salesforce organization from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience (LEX) can seem like be a daunting change with a lot of unknown, but there’s a lot to be excited about.

By Karan Mohan | September 27, 2018Read More

Communication Tips for Millennials in the Workplace

Technology tools overwhelm the workplace, but no one discusses how to actually use the tools. Here’s 12 Dos and Don’ts of email and calendar invites that millennials (and everyone else) should follow!

By Justin Burniske | September 13, 2018Read More
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