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Employee Spotlight – Sumedha Tare
By Savannah Chamberlain | December 2, 2022Employee Spotlight

Sumedha Tare Senior Consultant Salesforce Sumedha joined fusionSpan in Feb 2019. She graduated from MIT Pune University in Computer engineering. She started her career as a salesforce administrator and then moved to full time business analyst and now leading FSI CS team, among other as-needed roles. She is very excited to be a part of each team and... read more

Employee Spotlight – Christian Pacheco
By Savannah Chamberlain | September 19, 2022Employee Spotlight

Christian Pacheco Application Support Engineer Hello Everyone! My name is Christian and I am very excited to be coming back to the fusionSpan team! For those that do not already know, I am a huge sports fan. I can watch virtually any sport on TV and find appreciation for it. On top of the list of sports that... read more

Employee Spotlight – Ryan Ram
By Savannah Chamberlain | May 25, 2022Employee Spotlight

Ryan Ram Salesforce Consultant Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Ryan holds a master’s degree in Communication and Culture from York and Ryerson University. An avid St Louis Cardinals baseball fan, Ryan has traveled across the U.S visiting baseball stadiums (been to 24 ballparks) and can often be found playing sports or watching his favorite teams on television.... read more

Employee Spotlight – Ashwini Wakode
By Savannah Chamberlain | April 27, 2022Employee Spotlight

Ashwini Wakode Salesforce Developer Ashwini joined fusionSpan in 18th Feb 2019 as Software Engineer to Business Analysis and completed her education from Pune university. She has completed her Salesforce PD1 certification and she also has knowledge about SAP ABAP,HTML. Ashwini has a desire to experience new cultures and environments. She loves traveling, singing, cooking and spending time with... read more

Employee Spotlight – Lynette Raudner
By Savannah Chamberlain | March 29, 2022Employee Spotlight

Lynette Raudner Director of Training, Delivery Team Lynette Krishnabhakti Raudner is a passionate technology trainer, instructional designer, and training manager. She joins fusionSpan with 12 years of experience in the technology training industry, having worked in corporate consulting, law firms, and tech startups. When not at work Lynette enjoys yoga, hiking, and outdoor adventures with her dog Ember.... read more

Employee Spotlight: Julio Lozano
By Savannah Chamberlain | February 24, 2022Employee Spotlight

Julio Lozano Senior Software Engineer People are really nice here at fusionSpan. They're always eager to help and everyone is very supportive. I love how all the team members here are really open and inclusive. I feel like I know everyone here, even though we might be located in different countries. I feel like I can share my... read more